Youth Commission

The Youth Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The purpose of the commission was stated in General Assembly protocol in 1997: The Youth Commission's task is to work with youth activities.

It is a very important commission. The situation of young renju players is not good nowadays. Different countries face different problems. In countries with good economy the problem is the lack of interest towards renju among young people, whereas in other countries there are lots of young players who would like to play renju and join competitions, but they cannot afford joining the tournaments outside their countries. The Youth Commission has taken these issues under close look and working actively to find solutions. Currently there is a discussion about creating the Youth Fund, where people with good financial situation could donate money to, so that the young players could have the chance to join the tournaments. This may be very important to ensure that future generations will go on and renju will never end. The second issue that is the lack of interest among youth in wealthy societies - that has not been discussed yet and the reason if it is simple: According to Mr. Pogosyan's statement, the main priority of RIF should be focusing on the countries where we already have lots of interested people rather than wasting efforts on making costly renju propaganda in countries where nobody cares about renju. And, we have to agree. There are so many children in China, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, etc, who love renju and like to learn and play, but they cannot afford it. The idea of Youth Fund might be one of the solutions for this big problem.

Ants SoosõrvEstoniaChairman
Irina MetreveliRussiaMember
Hiroshi OkabeJapanMember
Takayuki OnoJapanMember
Albert PoghosyanArmeniaMember