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Place: Kyoto, Japan

Rule: RIF Rated: Yes

Date: 1989-08-02 - 1989-08-06

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JPN Japan: Hasegawa Kazuto, Nakamura Shigeru, Nara Hideki, Nishimura Toshio
RUS Russian Renju Association: Evgeniy Bobkov, Mikhail Kozhin
SWE Sweden: Petter Gardstrom, Jan Palmgren, Ingvar Sundling
UZB Uzbekistan: Nikolay Mikhailov


Final Standings:

1Nakamura ShigeruJapan ?111111118?
2Nara HidekiJapan? 011111?17
3Nishimura ToshioJapan01 10110116
4Hasegawa KazutoJapan000 ?111115?
5Mikhailov NikolayUzbekistan (USSR)001? 01??14?
6Bobkov EvgeniyRussia (USSR)00001 01114
7Sundling IngvarSweden000001 1103
8Kozhin MikhailRussia (USSR)0010?00 012?
9Gardstr?m PetterSweden0?00?001 02
10Palmgren JanSweden000000101 2

The First Renju World Championship took place in Kyoto, Japan, August 2-6, 1989. Thanks to the effort of the first three RIF member countries the big event became reality.

Without any doubt, Nakamura was the superior player in the tournament. He won nearly every game as expected. One interesting thing that many people remember is, when Nakamura was asked after the ending of the World Championship "If in the World Championship there were 10 Japanese players, then what would be the place of the best European player in that tournament?" Nakamura smiled and replied: "The 11th". It showed a big confidence about Japan renju, and without any question - Japanese were so much stronger than the players from Europe at that time. As you can see from the tournament table, the four best players were all Japanese.

Ando Meritee

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