World Championship QT

Place: Tallinn, Estonia

Rule: RIF Rated: Yes

Date: 1995-07-31 - 1995-08-07

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ARM Armenia: Albert Poghosyan
AZE Azerbaijan: Nizami Eibatov
TPE Chinese Taipei: Chung Hsien-Chi
EST Estonia: Margus Tuvikene
LAT Latvia: Arnis Veidemanis
RUS Russian Renju Association: Dmitry Ilyin, Stepan Peskov
SWE Sweden: Petter Gardstrom


The Qualification system had changed a bit compared to last World Championship. Now there were 5 A-final seats given to the best Qualification Tournament players. Although the new system was so generous and offered 5 A-final seats to Qualification Tournament players, the QT itself was really poor - probably the weakest QT in the history. Only 8 players took part. Therefore, to get into top 5 was quite easy job for the advanced players. So it happened. The strongest players got their deserved places and entered the A-final. The only disappointment was perhaps the performance of Margus Tuvikene who probably played the worst tournament of his life. Before the beginning of the QT, Tuvikene was considered to be a sure player in top 5, but history proved otherwise. Petter Gardstr�m from Sweden won the Qualification Tournament confidently without losing any games!
There was one day for those 5 best players to take a rest, and then the tough A-final began.

1Petter Gardstr�mSweden 111116
2Arnis VeidemanisLatvia 1115
3Stepan PeskovRussia0 1114�
4Dmitry IlyinRussia00 1114
5Albert PogosyanArmenia 013�
6Nizami EybatovAzerbaijan000 12�
7Margus TuvikeneEstonia00001 01�
8Chung Hsien-ChiCh. Taipei0000001 1

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