The 2nd Moscow Gomoku Championship

Place: Moscow, Russian Renju Association

Rule: Gomoku - pro Rated: No

Date: 1984-12-01 - 1985-01-31

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Players: Dmitriy Azov, Sergey Chernov, Oleg Chizhikov, Igor Galkin, Alexey Ivanov, Victor Kaufman, Oleg Komlev, S. Kostesha


1Galkin 0100100100008
2Kostesha ½0010001007
3Azov10 01001000016
4Ivanov11½110 ½000005
5Komlev011011½1 1000113
6Chizhikov1011011101 014
7Kaufman11101111 00101-2
8Chernov11111011001011 101-2

The additional match Chernov - Kaufman gave a tie again. So, the title of Moscow champion was shared between Sergey Chernov and Victor Kaufman.

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