The match of champions

Place: Minsk, Belarusian Renju Association

Rule: Gomoku - experimental Rated: No

Date: 1988-11-01 - 1988-11-01

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Players: Sergey Chernov, Mikhail Lomakin


The match of champions between the winner of the 4th All-Union Gomoku tournament Sergey Chernov and the winner of the 5th All-Union Gomoku tournament Mikhail Lomakin was played in Minsk, Belorussian SSR, in November, 1988, in parallel with the 2nd league of the 1st Gomoku USSR championship.

Sergey Chernov won this match with the total score 5:3.

Opening rules were experimental, in addition to standard gomoku-pro rules (The black player puts the first stone in the center of the board; the white player puts the 2nd stone anywhere on the board; the black player puts the 3rd stone outside 5x5 central square) it was used also the next rule: the black player puts the 5th stone such that this stone must not be adjacent (directly or diagonally) with any of four already placed stones.

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