Rules Commission

The Rules Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The purpose of the commission was stated in General Assembly protocol in 1997: The Rules Commission's task is to work with the playing rules and also investigate possibilities for new rules.

The discussion about the situation of opening rules started in 1997. You can see some articles of the Renju World magazine of that year. Several people suggested new opening rules. As the need for new opening rules was growing everywhere in the world of renju, General Assembly gave Rules Commission a task to collect rules proposals before January 1, 2006, to organize the results and to publish them, thereby giving the players and officials the chance to discuss about the choices and reach an agreement about the best opening rule for the future. Rules Commission can make their recommendations for General Assembly, but the decision about opening rules can be made by the General Assembly only. It is possible to read about the discussions about opening rules in the Forum.

Aivo OllEstoniaChairman