Referee Commission

The Referee Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The purpose of the commission was stated in General Assembly protocol in 1997: The Referee Commission's task is to see that a system for referee categories will be set up. National federations should apply for candidates for international referees. In future all international championships must have an appointed international referee. The chairman should be the referee of the WC via e-mail and when difficult problems occure he should ask the commission for help.

The problem of title competitions is the absence of good referees. It has happened before that the players are more aware of the rules than the referees. It is not easy to find the good and professional referees who make good decisions and know the renju situation well. Likely, Alexey Skuridin from Russia is the world's best renju referee at the moment. If the organizer of the important competition wants to find a good referee, it is recommended to hire Mr Skuridin for that. The commission that is led by Skuridin will do its best to create more professional referees in the world. It will take lots of educating. Today, the commission is still not making much progress, as the system of the referees is not completed. It would be interesting to know what are the conditions to be the "fully qualified referee", and secondly, how should the training of those referee candidates look like.

Okabe HiroshiJapanChairman