Qualification Commission

The Qualification Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The purpose of the commission was stated in General Assembly protocol in 1997: The Qualification Commission's task is to work with the rating list and make suggestions for the General Assembly in case of new rules.

The rating system is fully developed by now. Bengt Asplund, the Chairman of the Commission in 1997, made a great job by setting up the rating system and its formulas. The system was very well designed and found very positive response from General Assembly. Later on, Asplund made a big and tiresome work - to calculate the rating changes based the tournaments since 1988. We can only imagine how tough job it was. But Asplund did it successfully! He continued as a Chairman in 1999 as well, but after that he resigned his post. What he left behind from him was the most successful product of any commissions - the completed and working rating system of RIF. We must be thankful to him for his work!

In 2001, Olen Stepanov was elected to be the new Chairman. Stepanov continued the work of Asplund, however, he used completely different method - Stepanov put more effort on building the automated databases and calculation formulas, which today offer a great variety of information - besides the rating list itself, we can now see the progress of each player, the tournaments he has played, who did he played with and how was the result. We can only admire his great job! Now, thanks to the new system, we do not need to wait for the periodical updates - Stepanov's rating list will update instantly as the new tournament is recorded. Thanks to Oleg Stepanov and Bengt Asplund we have so useful and complete rating system of RIF. Good job!


Oleg StepanovRussiaChairman
Andrey SerdyukRussiaMember