Comments on Playing Rules

All the games of the World Championship must be played in accordance with RIF rules.
However, the official rules cover only the basic part of ruling. There are lots of other rules that have to be decided before the World Championship, usually initiated by the tournament organizers.
It is allowed to implement any rules that do not violate the official rules of RIF.

The most common issues that the organizer has to deal with:


Although different countries use different style of organizing of the tournament, the main issues are still in common:


Disputable Situations

There are disputable situations happening in every WC. Some are solved easily, but some cause further arguments and protests.
It is very natural. It mostly happens when either one of the players or observers or referees do not know the rules very clearly. In recent years, it has often happened that the referees make the most mistakes during the WC. This is one of the reason why the Referee Commission was created, in order to improve the level of referees
Even some inexperienced players make mistakes.

Here are the examples of the mistakes:

The list of mistakes above is just a small fraction of all the mistakes. The purpose of showing the mistakes is not to blame or point out anyone, but to let you know what might happen during the real games, and how to be prepared for all this.
The best way to protect yourself, and to be always correct, is to learn well about the RIF rules, and the additional tournament rules, which are in accordance with RIF rules. And when you get into the trouble situation, when you feel that you are right, but you are not sure, then try to ask the help of some experienced players who know rules well.