Players thinking, Tallinn Open 2005

Uploaded by Ando Meritee on 2006-10-06 20:00:35

Category: Tournament

Tournament: Tallinn Open

People: Ester Eggert, Irene Karlsson, Stefan Karlsson, Karin Klooster, Mikhail Kozhin, Aivo Oll, Andry Purk, Tauri Purk, Urmas Raude, Aki Savik, Ants Soosõrv, Tunnet Taimla


On the first table: Taimla vs Soosyrv, 2nd: I.Karlsson vs Eggert, 3rd: T. Purk vs S.Karlsson.

Behind there is Andry Purk head between his hands, also Karin Klooster with red hair and Aivo Oll next to her.

Behind Tauri Purk there is Mikhail Kozhin and behind him Aki Savik.

Photographed by Urmas Raude

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