Meeting of RIF Extra General Assembly

Uploaded by Ando Meritee on 2006-09-17 13:17:16

Category: RIF officials

People: Chen Wei, Iio Yoshihiro, Jussi Ikonen, Peter Jonsson, Stefan Karlsson, Ando Meritee, Konstantin Nikonov, Okabe Hiroshi, Ales Rybka, Samuli Saarenpää, Pavel Salnikov


The extra General Assembly meeting in May 2006. The main topic of the meeting was to discuss and select the new opening rule. Despite a heavy topic, everybody was happy and relaxed in the meeting. The people around the table (starting from the left): Karlsson, Jonsson, Rybka, Ikonen, Saarenp, Meritee, Salnikov, Nikonov, Iio, Okabe, Chen.

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