Lu Wenzhe

CHN Beijing, China

Gender: Male

Native name: 吕文哲

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Lu Wenzhe is one of the greatest renju software developers in the world. He came to Online Renju Class in year 2000 and since then has helped Renjuclass in so many ways. He programmed ORC Works and ORC Game Center. He also developed and customized a Forum for renjuclass, which today is used as a worldwide renju forum.

In addition to those, he has been a headmaster of renjuclass for many years, giving lessons, editing renjuclass homepage, checking homeworks etc. The renju players from all around the world are very thankful to him!!

He has given us a wonderful archive of nearly one million renju games, based on ORC Game Center games.

Since he lives in USA (Columbus, Ohio), he does not have opportunities to visit live tournaments. However, his online tournaments results have been very impressive. In all the Online Renju Class championships he has been among the best. In the e-mail World Championship he has been among top 6, thereby keeping his place in A-final.

Lü Wenzhe is admired and respected by everybody. We are all looking forward to see him in live tournaments in the future!

Game statistics
Total number of games 18
Sum of earned points 3 16.7%
Wins 3 16.7%
Wins as black 1 5.6%
Wins as white 2 11.1%
Draws 0 0.0%
Draws as black 0 0.0%
Draws as white 0 0.0%
Losses 15 83.3%
Losses as black 8 44.4%
Losses as white 7 38.9%

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