Li Yi

CHN Beijing, China

Rank: 6 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2760 (6th)

Birthday: 1989-10-19

Native name: 李一

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Li Yi was a renju player from Beijing, China.

He won the Chinese National Youth Championship and got 4 dan in October 2007.

As a member of the Chinese team, he won the Team World Championship in Maybe 2010.

In October 2013, he got the 4th in the Chinese National Open and got 5 dan.

In October 2019, he won the Chinese National Championship and got 6 dan.

Unfortunately, Li Yi left us forever in December 2019. However, as a talented renju player and an enthusiastic renju promoter, the whole renju community will remember him.

Li Yi, the Eternal Star of Renju

Game statistics
Total number of games 160
Sum of earned points 125.5 78.4%
Wins 109 68.1%
Wins as black 61 38.1%
Wins as white 48 30.0%
Draws 33 20.6%
Draws as black 20 12.5%
Draws as white 13 8.1%
Losses 18 11.2%
Losses as black 9 5.6%
Losses as white 9 5.6%

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