Tunnet Taimla

EST Tallinn, Estonia

Rank: 8 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2720 (inactive)

Birthday: 1988-06-21

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Tunnet Taimla started his renju career at the age of 7. His teacher was Ants Soosõrv. He has won so many tournaments in his life, including Estonian Championship and other international tournaments. But the biggest success came in 2003 when he got the 1st place in the World Championship in Vadstena, Sweden.

He has won both Youth World Championship and Youth European Championship. He has gotten several silver medals in the Team World Championships as a member of Estonian team.

He has been a teacher in Online Renju Class and shared his ideas together with other students.

Game statistics
Total number of games 555
Sum of earned points 424 76.4%
Wins 400 72.1%
Wins as black 189 34.1%
Wins as white 211 38.0%
Draws 48 8.6%
Draws as black 26 4.7%
Draws as white 22 4.0%
Losses 107 19.3%
Losses as black 57 10.3%
Losses as white 50 9.0%

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