Peter Jonsson

SWE Huskvarna, Sweden

Rank: 5 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2258 (240th)

Birthday: 1957-07-05

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Peter Jonsson started to play renju in 1981. He was the President of the Renju International Federation from 2001 until 2015 and is currently the chairman of the Swedish Renju and Gomoku Federation.

Peter Jonsson has done increadible efforts for Renju and youth over the years. Among many things he organized the 2011 World Championship of Renju and Gomoku in his hometown Huskvarna in Sweden.

Among other successes Peter has won the Swedish Championships of Gomoku in 2004.

On April 9, 2022 he was elected Honorable President of R.I.F. for life in recognition of his increadible contributions to the Renju Community.

Game statistics
Total number of games 1083
Sum of earned points 624 57.6%
Wins 577 53.3%
Wins as black 254 23.5%
Wins as white 323 29.8%
Draws 94 8.7%
Draws as black 33 3.0%
Draws as white 61 5.6%
Losses 412 38.0%
Losses as black 154 14.2%
Losses as white 258 23.8%

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