Stefan Karlsson

SWE Stockholm, Sweden

Rank: 8 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2446 (108th)

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Stefan Karlsson is the most successful Swedish player. He started to play renju in autumn 1985.

Karlsson: "I met a teacher at my Gymnasium School. The teacher was the present President of RIF, Tommy Maltell. We continued to meet and we were both members of the local Renju Club in J�nk�ping. Tommy taught me renju and helped me climb my first steps on the high renjuladder."

He has won a great number of renju competitions in Sweden and outside. Swedish Champion in renju 9 times - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.
Swedish Champion in Gomoku 2005.

The best result so far has been his 3rd place in the World Championship in Beijing in 1999. He is also one of most experienced World Championship players, having participated in World Championships finals of 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005.

Karlsson: "About internet-tournaments, I had the 4th place in E-mail World Championships 1997 and I had the 2nd place in the first really international "on-line-tournament" that was played in December 1998.

The best player I have ever played with? is actually not so difficult to answer. I have never met Shigeru Nakamura, so the "easy" answer will be Ando Meritee. I've played many games with him and he is very strong. He has control of the position in a way that noone else I've met have. I have met several Japanese players that have some equal qualities as Ando, but they are not so complete as him.

Renju is a fantastic board game. I think it is that fascinating because the rules are so simple, but the game is still complex and contains "deep dimensions". Renju demands both the logical side and the creative side from the person who wants to become a great player. You must both be able to concentrate, count a lot and also possess an ability of intuition, to create moves and positions.

I'm lucky to have a fianc�e who also like this fantastic game very much and we will for sure take part in many renju tournaments in future. About expectaitions for me as a player, it would of course be very nice to have even better place than no. 3 in World Championships. We'll see what future will bring us."

He is a treasurer of Renju International Federation, handling all the financial issues of the organization. He is also a member in several RIF commissions.

Game statistics
Total number of games 1092
Sum of earned points 700 64.1%
Wins 643 58.9%
Wins as black 317 29.0%
Wins as white 326 29.9%
Draws 114 10.4%
Draws as black 62 5.7%
Draws as white 52 4.8%
Losses 335 30.7%
Losses as black 160 14.7%
Losses as white 175 16.0%

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