Dmitry Epifanov

RUS Moscow, Russian Renju Association

Rank: 8 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2727 (12th)

Birthday: 1979-06-28 ID: EpifanovD

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I am a russian renju player from Moscow, play renju and gomoku since 1995, the first tournament result is dated by April 1998 when I played a match in 5-in-row (no restrictions) with V. Sushkow (he won 5-2).
The best tournament results are: 2nd in Moscow Cup-2002, 4th in Team World Championship-2002, 1st place and Russian Champion title in Russian High League-2013, 7th place in WC AT-2013.
2nd in Correspondence WC-2006, 1st place and World Champion title in Correspondence WC-2007.
Created Moscow State University renju club in 2005, school renju club in 2011. I am a renju teacher for adults since 2005, renju teacher for children since 2011.

My RIF rating went to 2350 in 2013, Russian rating is about 2350 too.

Game statistics
Total number of games 613
Sum of earned points 404.5 66.0%
Wins 326 53.2%
Wins as black 96 15.7%
Wins as white 230 37.5%
Draws 157 25.6%
Draws as black 54 8.8%
Draws as white 103 16.8%
Losses 130 21.2%
Losses as black 27 4.4%
Losses as white 103 16.8%

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