Yamaguchi Yusui

JPN Tokyo, Japan

Rank: 9 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2562 (inactive)

Native name: 山口釉水

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I am not "Player" already. I am only "Guide" for beginners to enjoy Renju.

All my results of Renju tournaments are trivial for me. For me to have interest most is only to increase the number of beginner's fans.

By the way, I have no homepage. "mikkoi Renju Gym" is not mine now :)

Game statistics
Total number of games 278
Sum of earned points 170 61.2%
Wins 157 56.5%
Wins as black 40 14.4%
Wins as white 117 42.1%
Draws 26 9.4%
Draws as black 13 4.7%
Draws as white 13 4.7%
Losses 95 34.2%
Losses as black 25 9.0%
Losses as white 70 25.2%

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