Nara Hideki

JPN Yokohama, Japan

Rank: 9 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2518 (inactive)

Native name: 奈良秀樹

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Hideki Nara started to play renju in 1973.

Nara: "I played renju with my school friends during school class time. And once a month, I went to renju club, Yokosuka Renju kai, near to my home. I had been to Asagaya Renju kai once a week till 17 years old, I played and analized many games with Shigeru Nakamura 1-dan in that time. So I became stronger , I think.

I'm playing in Jousai Renju club personally. On the other hand, I'm planning and organizing many tournaments in Kantou districts. And I'm one of the member of any national renju events in Japan as one of the director of Nihon Renju Sha , too."

Hideki Nara has been very stable and successful in the World Championships: 2nd in 1989, 4th in 1991, 2nd in 1993, 4th in 1995, 4th in 1997, 4th in 2001.

Nara: "In 1st. tournament's 2nd place is far from 1st place player. But in 3rd Arjeplog tournament, even if I got draw in last game, I'll be the winner. That was big chance for me. If,... if I won that tournament, the situation of Meritee and me will be revers position now."

He has been the editor of Renju Sekai magazine for over 20 years.

Game statistics
Total number of games 156
Sum of earned points 107 68.6%
Wins 98 62.8%
Wins as black 26 16.7%
Wins as white 72 46.2%
Draws 18 11.5%
Draws as black 7 4.5%
Draws as white 11 7.1%
Losses 40 25.6%
Losses as black 15 9.6%
Losses as white 25 16.0%

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