Vladimir Sushkov

RUS Gatchina, Russian Renju Association

Rank: 9 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2848 (3rd)

Birthday: 1978-12-01

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Vladimir Sushkov is probably the most famous Russian renju player today. His renju skill and style are most remarkable! He can put a big pressure on his opponents, by playing the variants which are seemingly risky, but yet under his control.

The results speak very clearly of his abilities: he has gotten the 2nd place in World Championships three (!!) times - 2001, 2003, 2005. It is also worth to mention that in the World Championship 2001 he got 9 points from 11 games which normally would be enough to get the 1st place in any of the World Championships.

Game statistics
Total number of games 576
Sum of earned points 409.5 71.1%
Wins 376 65.3%
Wins as black 176 30.6%
Wins as white 200 34.7%
Draws 67 11.6%
Draws as black 23 4.0%
Draws as white 44 7.6%
Losses 133 23.1%
Losses as black 47 8.2%
Losses as white 86 14.9%

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