Konstantin Chingin

RUS Zhigulyovsk, Russian Renju Association

Rank: 7 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2821 (inactive)

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Konstantin Chingin is surely one of the world's best players at the moment. He started to play renju in very young age and therefore made an excellent progress. He reached the very top of his country by becoming a Russian Champion.

He is the Youth World Champion as well as Youth European Champion! He has participated in the World Championships twice and been very stable and successful there - 4th place in 2003 and 3rd place in 2005. Besides, during the 2005 World Championship he had very good chances even to get the first place until the last round.

His playing style is very impressive. He is brave to try new and risky variants. He uses openings that others consider to be losing ones and yet manages to overplay his opponents there.

At present he is a great helper of RIF, by publishing lots of renju information (games, tournament tables etc) in RIF homepage at www.renju.net.

Game statistics
Total number of games 306
Sum of earned points 223.5 73.0%
Wins 196 64.1%
Wins as black 88 28.8%
Wins as white 108 35.3%
Draws 55 18.0%
Draws as black 29 9.5%
Draws as white 26 8.5%
Losses 55 18.0%
Losses as black 17 5.6%
Losses as white 38 12.4%

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