Alexandr Suslov

MDA Kishinev, Moldova

Gender: Male

Rating: 2168 (inactive)

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Alexandr Suslov is engaged in renju from the moment of the first publication in Soviet Union on renju in magazine the Science and Life. Recently he plays renju basically on correspondence by Internet.

In the current E-mail Championship 2006 he plans to occupy 2 place in the group and in the following championship he shall play in the High League.

Game statistics
Total number of games 100
Sum of earned points 53 53.0%
Wins 45 45.0%
Wins as black 20 20.0%
Wins as white 25 25.0%
Draws 16 16.0%
Draws as black 8 8.0%
Draws as white 8 8.0%
Losses 39 39.0%
Losses as black 26 26.0%
Losses as white 13 13.0%

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