Yang Hsiao-Yu

TPE Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei

Rank: 3 dan

Gender: Female

Rating: 2044 (inactive)

Birthday: 1980-07-17

Native name: 楊筱玉

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I start to play renju in 2000.I have joined the 7th~10th WC. My best record is 2nd of WT in 2003 Sweden. My career is a teacher,and I also introduce renju to my students. Although I seldom played renju these years, but I joined every tournament as I could. I enjoy the games and also be happy to know many different people from other countries.

Game statistics
Total number of games 75
Sum of earned points 32.5 43.3%
Wins 30 40.0%
Wins as black 17 22.7%
Wins as white 13 17.3%
Draws 5 6.7%
Draws as black 5 6.7%
Draws as white 0 0.0%
Losses 40 53.3%
Losses as black 23 30.7%
Losses as white 17 22.7%

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