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Some renju events were held in the end of 2022.

Some most important:

Shunsuke Kamiya won Japanese Meijin Match against Tomoharu Nakayama 2,5:0,5

Lin Hsu-Hsuan won Taiwanese Meijin Match against Lin Huang-yu 3:0

The Fourth Renju Open winner was He Shujun with 6 points (out of 7)

Champion Final of World Renju Open was also played. Winner (after extra games 2:1 win against Wai Chan Keong) was Ni Zhongxing with 4,5 points (out of 6)

Tallinn Open was played. AT winner was Vladimir Sushkov with 4,5 points, 2nd place was taken by Georg-Romet Topkin/Villem Mesila, who gathered also 4,5 points, but with lower Berger coefficient.

 Russian First League winner was Mikhail Kozhin with 7,5 points (out of 9)

Also Chinese National Renju King Tournament 2022 was played - https://www.renju.net/tournament/2894/

16th Polish Gomoku Championship was played, winner was Zoltan Laszlo with 9 points (out of 9)


2023 January we will have some big online events:

Kullo renju and gomoku serie, 4th tournament, Jan. 14 - https://www.renju.net/tournament/2888/, welcome to join!

International Gomoku schoolchildren olympiade (2nd tournament), Jan. 28. - https://www.renju.net/tournament/2668/, welcome to add players!


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