Published by Hao Tianyi on 2022-07-31

Dear renju/gomoku friends,

Today we submitted an update to renju.net. As you can see, there has been a forum on the website now. You can get access to the forum from the home page, or by following this URL:

The forum is completely new and quite empty currently, but we hope that it will be a good start. There used to be an international renju forum many years ago, but so far, the forum has been out of service and cannot be accessed. But we still think it will be good if there is a public platform for renju/gomoku players. Everyone in our community is welcome to visit our forum, and we hope that it will become a place for us to post news, exchange experiences, and share ideas.

This forum is brand new and simple at the moment, but we will try to add new features to it if there are any needs. Furthermore, the forum has not been completely tested at present, and there may be some bugs in it. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems using it.

Have a good time!

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