Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2022-01-04

Happy New Year!
Dear friends,

Year 2021 was more active in sense of National real life renju tournaments than 2020. Still, there was only few no face to face international tournaments (and one title competition - http://renju.net/media/tourninfo.php?tournament_id=2407).
One traditional international event was in the end year - Tallinn Open - http://renju.net/media/tourninfo.php?tournament_id=2448
As you can see, Vladimir Sushkov approved his high playing class again.

Hopefully there will be more international tournaments including title competitions 2022.
But at least in January we need to continue with international events through internet.
In January we will have 2 such competitions:
1) http://renju.net/media/tourninfo.php?tournament_id=2439
2) http://renju.net/media/tourninfo.php?tournament_id=2425

Friendly, Ants

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