Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2021-06-19

Time is flying :).
Unfortunately international meetings in real life are still a bit complicated.
But internet life rather active.

Already June 21.-22. is World Youth Cup renju test tournament - (link is not to join tournament, but see info about tournament!), June 28.-29. Gomoku tournament - (link is not to join tournament, but see info about tournament!). Everyone is invited to test!

Its possible to play only part of tournament, also there is no rating change. But latest time to join renju tournament is June 21. 16:59 (UTC+3) and gomoku June 28. 16:59 (UTC+3), in that case you can play rounds 5.-7.

World Youth Cup itself is July 13.-19. -, below there you can see registered players so far.

Its also possible to register for World Renju Open tournaments Aug. 7.-8.!:

NB! Aug. 8. RIF General Assembly is planned as well! Exact time and channel for connecting will be announced soon! Federations, please prepare your suggestions for Agenda before July 8. (usually it should be done 3 months before GA, but not realistic in such extraordinary time)

Gomoku is also program of Mind Sport Olympics, Aug. 26. - , I have heard some rumors that pente tournament will be Aug. 27.

Friendly, Ants

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