Published by Aivo Oll on 2021-05-05

Correspondence World Championship 2021
High League:
Oll Aivo aivo Estonia
Sushkov Vladimir prospero Russia
Filinov Vladimir renjubase Russia
Nikonov Konstantin vanalaud Russia
Makarov Pavel pamak Russia
Yao Yujie byron China
Kang Hong Chul findfind Korea
Song Yu raindrop China
Laibinis Linas lince001 Lithuania
Qian Yunbing hanli China
First League:
Group B:
Li Xueyang sunny1062059585 China
Saarenpää Samuli samsite Finland
Fedorkin Oleg ofedorkin Russia
Lee JongBin zeus Korea
Koreshkov Valeriy kvant9 Russia
Nyberg Bengt bnyberg Sweden
Saik Aleksey aleksey Ukraine
Topkin Georg-Romet topkin Estonia
Group C:
Golosov Victor gvu Russia
Andersson Tord tord Sweden
Yamamoto Mitsuo okina Japan
Mikhaylov Alexey lakeness Russia
Lind Björn bjornlind Sweden
Kozlov Igor gosha Russia
Yao Bocheng captainybc China
Cha Seunghyun servant Korea
Here are the tiebreak rules for this year´s competition:
a. Total number of game points (2 – 0 > 1.5 – 0.5)
b. Total number of match points (2 – 0 = 1.5 – 0.5)
c. Berger Coefficient: Each player receives all game points that those players have got which he has won against, half of the game points that those players have got which he has played a draw against (and none of the game points that those players have got which he has lost against).
d. Results in games between the participants involved (with the same total number of points).
e. The number of game wins.
f. In case of equality in all items mentioned above, the places are divided. If getting some of the places involved will give the right to play in another group or tournament then this right will be determined by drawing of lots.
I wish everyone good luck and hope to see many interesting games!
Aivo Oll
Chief Referee of Correspondence World Championship

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