Published by Michał Żukowski on 2020-05-07

Dear Players and Fans!

The annual World Blitz Cup is going to be organized this year in a special edition: the Team Gomoku World Blitz Championship!

Teams of three will fight to determine which country is currently the best on the planet at one-minute gomoku. Intense matches and interesting games are expected.

For further information, please visit the official site of TGWBC 2020 - There you can find the full Rules in English, as well as summary of the most important rules in English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian. The site will also be used to convey all important information, like squads of all registered teams, the tournament’s schedule, and full results of matches. All decisions regarding the competition and its participants will be published there as well.

The registration deadline for TGWBC 2020 is Friday, the 22nd May, 23:59 (Warsaw time). Make sure to grab your team and notify the Organisers on time. The simplest way to contact the Organisers is to send an e-mail to

May the fastest and strongest win!

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