Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2020-05-04

Dear friends,

As you know our life is messed up during past few months. Its not possible to meet in real life – last live tournaments were played in Russia and Japan in the middle of March.

3 big World competitions – TWC (,
and EC+AC ( was planned to held in 2020.

RIF have canceled Team WC and of course European Renju Championship and Asian Cup in the beginning of September is also under big question. Still, even if we can not play and communicate face to face we are nowadays lucky to have possibilities to do it via internet.
So, as YWC is one of RIF priorities we dont plan cancel it totally, but held event with help of zoom, and Suggestion of regulation (NB! not confirmed yet, even not dates) is here - .
I will update info ASAP when I have some new info.

But of course not only YWC is planned to held or already played in internet. We have at least 3 sites, where we have regular international online gomoku/renju activity. – great Czech site is probably most well-known now. Yesterday, May 3. Renju Spring tournament was played there with 67 players from many countries.
Top ten was following ( I can recognize at least that Owen is Dima Epifanov and some more wellknown players)
1 Owen 7
2 okabe 7
3 Qingqing6,5
4 naive 6,5
5 wnchl 6
6 peterjo 6
7 youcan 6
8 sandersonia 6
9 aivo 6
10 Jungarrr1k 5,5

Full standings are here -

Next Sunday great gomoku tournament is coming! -
There are also other tournaments helding in – Great Russian intellectual games site. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 21:00 (Moscow time) blitz tournaments (7min+4sec) with opening rule „5 reverses“ are helding. In April average number of players was 20, including some top players. – Estonian intellectual games site. April was interesting month with renju blitz (5min+4 sec, Taraguchi) tournaments every evening - . There are also lot of special tournaments for schoolchildren. In gomoku. From May 21.-June 9. serie of 12 tournaments is planned, 6 in gomoku (swap1) and 6 in renju (Taraguchi). It will be both individual and team competition, I will provide with exact regulation of serie ASAP.

NB! May 9th traditional „Kawamura Cup“ will be played in! Some info is written here - .
You can make pre-registration and see who else are pre-registrated here: .

Be blessed and stay healthy!
Friendly, Ants

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