Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2019-09-16


Today Meijin-sen is ending and any minute should be clear, is winner and Meijin Challenger Kamiya who is leading or Nakayama, who is trying to catch him.

But The Second Anji World Open is already over. Among 49 participants were several very strong players, like Yang Yanxi, Li Yi, Lin Hsu Hsuan, Wai Chan Keong, Dmitri Epifanov, Lan Zhiren, Li Xiaoqing, Wang Qingqing, Liu Yang and many others. Main favorite, Mr. Yang made great tournament, taking 8,5 points out of 9.
Second was surprisingly Qiu Yijun and third Lin Hsu-Hsuan (both with 7 points)
They were followed by - 4. Wai Chan Keong and 5. Lan Zhiren (6,5 points) and 6.-7. Wang Qingqing and Li Yi; 8. Wang Yelin; 9. Wang Qichao and 10. Dmitri Epifanov (all 6 points). Games are avaiable to see in (, full tables and some photos about event we will publish soon to and

Friendly, Ants

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