Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2019-07-21

Dear friends,
Some recent news about World Renju and Gomoku Championship.
Chinese Taipei will not send players to Tallinn. So their seat to renju AT will be empty and extra seat will be played out in RQT. Estonia, as organising country will get one seat, in case if there will no estonian in top 6. So, if best estonian is for example no. 14th, he will get a seat + 5 best of total results. But if best estonian is for example no 5., 6th player of total results will also get place in AT and Estonia will not get any extraplace.
Estonia havent decide about their place in GAT, we will do it within short term.
And finally – Estonia will add one player to WT. It means there will be at least 13 players (Chinese players Li’s and Wang’s participation will be clear after RQT) and tournament will be played in Swiss system, 9 rounds, so we will remake the rounds schedule within short term.

Friendly, Ants

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