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Full news with pictures, links and results can be found: http://renjunews.com/chinese-renju-national-team-championship-results/

This year the event was held in Guangzhou – 24 men teams, 14 women teams, 17 university students teams and 24 children teams fought for the national glory this year. Each team consist of 3 players and coach(s).

The organisation in general was excellent – the hotel is located in the center and stands out compared to other hotels nearby by its painting like garden views. It has nice spacious conference rooms where the tournaments are held and the hotel restaurant has excellent variety of different food. As well there are eating and shopping places all over nearby. Definitely the organizers did a great job in managing such a big event. I feel so relaxed and excited myself about the atmosphere around here – everywhere somebody is playing or analyzing and you can feel the excitement in the air, especially among the university and children tournament areas. The professionals are obviously more concentrated and focused on winning the next match.

It was a great event with passionate atmosphere, team work and recognition of the importance of sportsmanship. It feels the newer players are understanding even better nowadays how important is teamwork. The process is less about showing off, less of an individual dopamine push but rather a learning process and acknowledgement that everybody involved are part of it collectively and really feeling, enjoying what we are together doing is fun developing also keeping the mind sharp, not so importantly the outcome.

This was an important event but stay tuned in October for “the big game” where all Chinese players play the biggest and most important tournament in 4 years. Discussions have been started to have more thorough broadcast but we will see can it be done sooner or later in the future.

Renju belongs to the government recognized professional mind sports games group together with chess, go, chinese chess, checkers, shogi and bridge.

If any foreigner would be interested surely worth visiting the Chinese team games – feel the event was great. Perhaps there is also a thought to initiate some kind of an international open team league tournament in the future in China?

The results of the Men Tournament:

1. Guangdong I (Huang Liqin, Zhu Kai, He Qifa)
2. Jiangsu (Zhang Yifeng, Chen Jing, Xi Zhenyang)
3. Hubei (Mei Fan, Cao Dong, Yin Licheng)
4. Shanghai (Jiang Qiwen, Ge Lingfeng, Huang Yufeng)
5. Hainan (Lu Hai, Wu Di, Huang Shengming)
6. Pixing Zhanyue (Ni Zhongxing, Wang Qichao, Hao Tianyi)
7. Shandong (Liu Yang, Ma Hongzhou, Lan Zhiren)
8. Henan (Huang Jianguang, Zhang Wenbo, Xia Sheng)
9. Beijing (Zhu Tianyi, Hu Guanzhao, Yang Tingyu)
10. Zhejiang (Zhang Jiguo, Xie Weixiang, Fan Xingcen)
11. Shenzhen Pingshan (Liao Zhenhuan, Liao Xinyu, Chen Jinghui)
12. Guangzhou I (Yao Zepeng, Chen Sizheng, Cai Dinghui)
13. Guangzhou II (Zhan Liyang, Sun Jinxue, Zheng Haijie)
14. Sichuan I (Zhang Shuhao, Chen Xin, Qi Guan)
15. Suzhou (Fu Liang, Wang Weishi, Wu Baogang)
16. Guangdong II (Lin Yizhong, Liang Zhaohui, Chen Zongchuan)
17. Guangzhou Haizhu I (Li Chenwen, Chen Yifan, Huang Jingqin)
18. Sichuan II (Zhong Yuyang, Chen Tianle, Liu Yicheng)
19. Shenzhen (Wu Xingchi, Wu Bo, Zong Yicheng)
20. Guangzhou Haizhu II (Huang Jianwen, Liu Xin, Wan Maili)
21. Southern Medical University (Li Zeming, Chen Chuhao, Shen Rongkai)
22. Guangzhou No. 97 Middle School II (Chen Qimin, Ma Jianchong, Pan Weiqi)
23. Guangzhou No. 97 Middle School I (Chen Junyu, Liu Yide, Chen Lejian)

Several times in a row Hubei 1 has won the women team tournament. Congratulations to the winners Wang Qingqing, Wu Zhiqin, Liu Xun (Hubei 1).

The results of Women Tournament:

1. Hubei I (Wang Qingqing, Wu Zhiqin, Liu Xun)
2. Shandong-Hainan (Wang Yelin, Yu Yajun, He Xian)
3. Shanghai (Zheng Wenxin, Li Jie, Wang Zhe)
4. Zhejiang (Cheng Yanzhen, Zheng Yining, Jin Yichan)
5. Jiangsu (Xiao Huifang, Zhu Yao, Chen Xing)
6. Guangdong (Li Xiaofang, Yu Yaping, Zhang Yanping)
6. Hubei (-, Zhang Hongmei, Dong Xiaoli)
8. Sichuan (Luo Yan, Shen Lanxin, Li Xiaoqing)
9. Guangzhou (Deng Yanfang, Xie Jiamei, Huang Lijing)
10. Beijing (Zhao Hui, Peng Lulu, Cao Xueyu)
11. Xiashiling (Fan Chenjing, Feng Xiaoran, Li Zhuowen)
12. Southern Medical University (Liu Yuxu, Yu Yuanfang, Li Sixiao)
13. Guangzhou No.97 Middle School I (Chen Yuxin, Gao Quanchengwei, Chen Xin)
14. Guangzhou No.97 Middle School II (Du Xi, Qiu Qing, Yuan Yuan)

Top 3 places of the University students tournament (17 teams):
1. Yue er team 2 (Chen Guangyue, Cha Shicheng, Zhang Wanting)
2. Hunan (He Shujun, Zhu Xiangyu, Huang Ziangning)
3. Zhongshan university (Guo Guangcheng, Xu Tao, Zhao Yuan)

Top 3 places of the children tournament:
Pointing out that in children tournament top 8 teams were either from Shanghai or Zhejiang and all together there were 24 teams.
1. Shanghai 1 (Ma Zheng, Qiu Haiyue, Zhang Xinyi)
2. Shanghai 3 (Ning Haoran, Zheng Yongkai, Wang Jiaxin)
3. Zhejiang 1 (Chen Zihan, Li Bolai, Shi Qiaochu)


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