Published by Aivo Oll on 2019-03-17

Results of the renju world championship via correspondence – 2018
I would like to congratulate Hao Tianyi for successfully defending his title! Also, congratulations to Dmitry Epifanov on the 2nd place and Vladimir Filinov for the 3rd place!

Here are the results of the competition:
Group cwc2018_s8a, High League
Name Country Nickname
1. Hao Tianyi China wind23
2. Epifanov Dmitry Russia owen
3. Filinov Vladimir Russia renjubase
4. Oll Aivo Estonia aivo
5. Sushkov Vladimir Russia vpsushkov

6. Potapov Alexey Russia beerliker
7. Nikonov Konstantin Russia vanalaud
8. Andersson Tord Sweden tord
9. Golosov Victor Russia gvu
10. Qiu Weifu China xiaosa
Top 5 will keep their place in HL.
Group cwc2018_s8b, First League
Name Country Nickname
1. Wang Qichao China heihei
2. Laibinis Linas Lithuania lince001

3. Mesila Villem Estonia villem
4. Tao Tao China chugaev
5. Makarov Pavel Russia urss
6. Magdeev Igor Russia giocatore
7. Bobkov Eugene Russia bobkove
8. Tamura Kazumasa Japan seabird

9. Yang Seongmo Korea mathwjdtjr00
10. Park Sang-hyeon Korea genius92
11. Nyberg Bengt Sweden bnyberg
12. Kurochkin Viktor Russia boor
Top 2 will get a place in HL. Places 3 to 8 will retain their right to play in FL.
Group cwc2018_s8c, First League
1. Lee Jinsu Korea sherlockno1
2. Wu Xiaoning China yizimiao

3. Zukowski Michal Poland zukowski
4. Fedorkin Oleg Russia ofedorkin
5. Yamamoto Mitsuo Japan yamamoto
6. Volkov Sergey Russia almond
7. Saarenpää Samuli Finland samsite
8. Mikhaylov Alexey Russia sailor_knot

9. Danilin Ivan Russia ivan.danilin
10. Kozlov Igor Russia gosha
11. Rahumägi Brenet Estonia parool
DQ Hyun Gyeon Sik Korea caropen.
Group cwc2018_s8d, Second League
Name Country Nickname
1. Yi Xiong China rnaase
2. Lavrik-Karmazin Maksim Russia lavrik_karmazin
3. Kang Hong Chul Korea findfind
4. Litvinenko Dmitry Russia dm_litv
5. Lim Woobin Korea maylulu
6. Marín Millán Jose Antonio Spain torckman
7. Sonin Sergey Russia ssergey
8. Umantsiv Roman Ukraine rum
9. Chentsov Alexander Russia chentz
10. Saik Aleksei Ukraine saik
11. Kvitka Nikolay Ukraine nikolay.kvitka
12. Uspenskiy Valentin Ukraine uspenskiy
DQ Chen Ying-Chen Chinese Taipei sina312
DQ Guo Cheng China tingliu
Top 2 will get a place in FL.
I am sorry for the delay in publishing the results. The registration for this year´s tournament will start soon. The ratings will be calculated and published on the world rating page before the new tournament starts.
Best regards,
Aivo Oll
Chief Referee of Correspondence World Championship

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