Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2019-01-05

Happy New Year, Dear friends!

There were several renju and gomoku tournaments in the end of 2018 and New Year have started actively as well.
First, as you know, Nakamura-san and Nakayama-san made draw in their 4th game of 56th Meijin-sen match and Nakamura-san won match 3-1!
Big international and strong (at least in European level) tournaments were played in Tallinn Open.
Renju AT was won by Georg-Romet Topkin, followed by Aivo Oll and Stefan Karlsson:

1. Georg-Romet Topkin, EST 7 (out of 8)
2. Aivo Oll, EST 6
3. Stefan Karlsson, SWE 5,5 (38,5)
4. Vladimir Sushkov, RUS 5,5 (38)
5. Viktor Balabai, RUS 5
6. Ilya Katsev, RUS 4,5

1. Ilya Katsev 7 (out of 7)
2. Kuno Kolk, EST 5
3. Georg-Romet Topkin 5

Full tables of Renju AT, BT and gomoku you can find here:

Renju games you can in, gomoku games soon from

In the end of 2018, Dec. 23 also tournament in South Korea was played - – here you can see results and games.
Right now there is going team tournament in St. Petersburg – 5 russian and 4 estonian teams take part. Also Christmas tournament in one of Russian renju centers – Rybinsk started today.

Big Poduga tournament ended yesterday. Hopefully we can see results and games Russian tournaments soon. Right now I know that among yuniors in Poduga 3 best were Fedotov, Semenov and Metreveli.

NB! Important note – renju Euroleague will start on Monday, January 7th! Please hurry up with registrating teams – registration finish Sunday, Jan 6th. – (games will be played oin

And finally – about title tournaments in Estonia this summer – European Youth Renju and Gomoku Championship and World Renju and Gomoku Championship – we will try to send preliminary information about these tournaments ASAP.

Friendly, Ants

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