Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2018-11-17

Hello Dear friends!

First – Organizing country for next Renju and Gomoku World Championship in 2019 have chosen – its Estonia. Place is not decided, but most probably event will held in Tallinn.
Very preliminary schedule:
July 30. - renju and gomoku QT participants arrival
July 31.-Aug.2. renju and gomoku QT
Aug. 3. - Opening Ceremony
Aug. 4. - 6., RAT, GAT, WT rounds 1.-6., Renju BT (all rounds)
Aug. 7. - 7th round for RAT, GAT and WT and Renju blitz, rest, sport activities
Aug. 8. - 8th round for RAT, GAT and WT, Gomoku Blitz
Aug. 9. - 9th-10th round
Aug. 10. - 11th round, closing ceremony
Aug. 11. - Departure of participants

Renju Euroleague

Good news! Renju Euroleague for teams will start again!
Starting time is January 7th, 2019
Rules for tournament are here -

Registration for Euroleague is opened! Please read here for more information:


Friendly, Ants

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