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1. Sponsor unit
2. Contractors
Anji Sports Federation
Huzhou Chess Association
3. Co Organizer
Anji Chess Association
Anji Youth Centre
Anji Shu Pai Furniture Co., Ltd.
Zhongnan Bai Cao Garden Resort Hotel
Ancheng Middle School
4, competition grouping
Group A: born in January 1, 1950 to December 31, 2005.
Group B: born in January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2009.
Group C: born in January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2013.
5, venue and timing
(1) place of competition: Zhongnan Bai Cao Garden Resort Hotel, Anji, Zhejiang
(2) match schedule:
Group A reports on November 21st, 2018, 22nd -24th are competing days, three rounds a day.
Group B and group C report on the afternoon of November 22nd, and compete on 23nd-24th.
On the morning of November 25th, all the players will be given a 130-yuan-ticket to visit Zhong Nan Bai Cao Garden for free for one day.
6, competition method
(1) Group A adopts the Sosov-8 rule, Group B and Group C adopt the latest Chinese Renju Competition Rules (2013 edition) approved by the Chess and Card Sports Management Center of the State Sports Administration of China, and set the number of points N = 2.
(2) Competition time limit: Group A each side time limit is 90 minutes + 30 seconds / hand (Fischer), group B and group C time limit is 60 minutes + 30 seconds / hand (Fischer)
7, ranking distinction and admission method
(1) In the single-cycle competition system, those with higher points are ranked first; if the points are the same, smaller points and the number of winning rounds are ranked first; if still the same, those with higher points are ranked first; if they are not involved in the admission, those with higher points are ranked side-by-side, and those with higher points will decide the final position.
(2) In the competition of integral arrangement, the points of points, opponents, middle opponents and winners are ranked first. If it is the same again, the final contest will be decided on the basis of the competitive speed of chess, which is related to the enrollment.
8, incentives:
(1) the first 3 of each group presented awards and medals, and 4-8 awarded the certificates.
(2) bonus (after tax):
Group A champion 10000 yuan, runner up 5000 yuan, third runner up 3000 yuan, 4-8 1000 yuan;
Group B champion 5000 yuan, runner up 3000 yuan, third runner up 1000 yuan, 4-8 600 yuan;
Group C champion 3000 yuan, runner up 2000 yuan, third runner up 1000 yuan, 4-8 600 yuan;
(3) The champion of Group A will be promoted to the Championship group and will not be allowed to participate in the next competition. The Championship group competition will be held every four sessions. The first prize will be 50,000 yuan, the second 20,000 yuan, the third 10,000 yuan and the fourth 5,000 yuan.
(4) Group B and Group C do not set up Championship group, but each champion, later to participate in the competition free of registration fees and board and lodging fees.
9. Referees and arbitration committees
(1) the competition committee is established. The competition committee is responsible for the overall inspection and supervision of the match season.
(2) The referee-general and vice-referee-general are appointed by the sponsoring unit, and the undertaking unit, on the principle of need and diligence, appoints referees with experience in adjudicating to serve as the general meeting.
(3) An arbitration committee shall be established, and the chairman of the Arbitration Commission and the arbitration committee shall be appointed by the sponsor.
(4) If a dispute arises in a competition, the Arbitration Commission may submit a written proposal for arbitration and pay an arbitration fee of 1000 yuan, which shall be returned after winning the case.
10, competition funds
(1) entry fee: 200 yuan per person. Participants will pay for their own accommodation and transportation expenses. The board and lodging of foreign chess players will be arranged uniformly by the conference. The standard of accommodation and board is 300 yuan per person per day. Local chess players will take care of their own accommodation and board.
(2) the foreign chess player's single ticket is over 200 yuan (inclusive), and the ticket is sent to the Organizing Committee for 200 yuan subsidy.
(3) during the competition, the safety and medical expenses are borne by the parties themselves.
11. Sign up and report.
(1) All participants sign up and send electronic photos to by October 10, 2008. Participants are requested to indicate the number of participants and reserve rooms in the registration form, subject to receipt of the registration form and all fees. Otherwise, no arrangements will be made.
(2) please submit the registration fee, room and lodging fee to the designated account:
Account Name: Anji extremely intelligent Renju Club
Account bank: China Co truction Bank Corp Anji branch
Account number: 33050164712700000301
After remittance, please send the electronic remittance voucher to the organizer's mailbox (screenshot).
Take photos and keep the documents on your own.
(3) registration and consultation.
Contact person and telephone: Kang 13185231168
(4) report on submission materials
Athletes must submit to the Organizing Committee at the time of registration insurance materials for personal accidents on the way to and from the competition area and during the competition. Those who have not been insured can not participate in the competition.
(5) approval of the organizing committee is required if the personnel change is required after registration.
12, about traffic:
(1) Hangzhou Railway East Station: every 30 minutes a bus goes to Anji passenger transport center. The latest one is 19:20.
(2) Huzhou high speed rail station: every hour a bus goes to Anji passenger transport center. The latest one is 17:20.
(3) Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, there are two direct buses to the Anji Passenger Transport Center at 11:00 and 17:50, respectively.
(4) Shanghai Pudong Airport, take Airport Line 7 to Shanghai South Long-distance Passenger Transport Station, and then take the bus to Anji Passenger Transport Center
(5) It is very convenient for Anji Passenger Transport Center to take a taxi to Anji Zhongnan Bai Cao Garden Resort Hotel. It only takes 15 minutes to drive.
13, Matters not yet known for the competition will be announced separately.
14. The final interpretation of this regulation belongs to the Anji Sports Federation.

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