Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2018-08-18

Dear friends,
Yesterday last international title competition for this year ended (we have already played World Team Renju Champioship, both European Championships and World Youth Renju and Rapid Gomoku championships.
It was first time for Poland to organise such a big gomoku event. Fortunately organising team headed by Paweł Tarasiński and Piotr Małowiejski made really great job, so we played and lived in nice Hotel Płock in nice city Płock.
10 teams took part and many famous gomoku stars – like current World Champion Zoltán László, Gergő Tóth, Denis Osipov and some others - took part. Also some well-known renju players like Irina Metreveli, Dmitri Epifanov and current European Champion Denis Fedotov decided to join as well.
Lotting was made to have most important matches to be in the end. It keep tense, as after 6 rounds Russia 1, Hungary and Poland had 18 points and Czech Republic 17. But in decisive matches Russians made really good job, getting 9,5 points from 3 matches and won competition with huge advantage.
Still, there was an extreemly interesting fight for place from 2.-4.
Here are total results:
1. Russia I 27,5 p.
2. Hungary 22,5 (Team match points 6,5 / Berger 355,25 )
3. Poland 22,5 (Team match points 6,5 / 354)
4. Czech Republic I 22,5 p. (Team match points 5,5)
5. Russia II 19,5 p.
6. Russia III 16 p.
7. Estonia 14,5 p.
8. Team International 13,5 p
9. Czech Republic II 12 p.
10. Czech Republic III 9,5 p.

Winners by tables were:
1. Table – Valeri Kondratev (Russia-2), 7,5 points
2. Table - Gergő Tóth (Hungary), 8 points
3. Table – Ilya Muratov (Russia-1), 7 points (out of 8 games)
4. Table – Dmitri Epifanov (Russia-2), 7,5 points

It was also nice to see many new Czech gomoku players with serious attitude!
A bit sad, that Asian teams didnt take part.

Games and more exact results are avaiable here -

There was also Gomoku Committee meeting on Aug. 15.

Some points from discussions – Czech (team) high school competition invites more coutries to take part (mainly online in, but final on boards). Also there an idea to have individual school children competition in
It was decided to have youth gomoku title tournaments more serious, not only side (rapid) tournaments, starting with next year European Youth Gomoku Championship in Karepa.

Friendly, Ants

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