Published by Dmitry Epifanov on 2017-11-21

Dear renju and gomoku players,

I'd like to invite you to a newly born gomoku correspondence tournament.

This year the tournament will be held in several groups, depending on the number of participants. The goal is to form the next year's High League (10 players) and First Leagues (two groups of 12 players).

Starting from the next year, the tournament (which is going to officially become the World Correspondence Gomoku Championship if successful) will be held in 3 leagues:
High League (Group A, 10 participants), First League (Groups B, C, 12 participants each), Second League (Groups D, E, more if needed). The size of the Second League is an approximation and will be finally set before the beginning of the tournament.

The High League (HL) will be created from the top 5 players from the previous group A, the 2 top players from the previous group B, the 2 top players from the previous group C; additionally, one player of those who do not have the right to play in the HL will be added, based on the correspondence gomoku rating. The places are inheritable. Thus, if one of the top 2 players doesn't sign up, his right to play goes to the player who achieved the 3rd place in the same group, and so on.

The players who achieve places 6-10 in group A as well as places 3-8 in groups B and C and places 1-4 in group D (E, F, ...) will form the First League (new groups B, C). Also, the two top-rated players of those who do not have the right to play in the FL will be added. The places are inheritable within a group too.

All others, i.e., the 9th-11th places from groups B, C, 5th-10th from groups D (, E, F...), and all new players will form Second League (SL).

The tournament will be held at Russian Renju community server (http://renju.su).
Please note that the first international tournament is experimental. If you experience any problems with the interface, with language settings, with anything else, please contact me directly. Also please be informed that any kind of program help is allowed.

The opening rule is swap2.

The time control is 135 days per player, for each game. After 150 moves a game is declared a draw.

If player abandons the tournament thereby forfeiting a significant number of games, then he may be disqualified in which case all his games will be considered losses. Decisions about disqualification in the First League, in the Second league and in the Qualification Tournament will be made by Chief Referee, and by Referee Council in the High League.

NB: Dear players, please respect each other and play according to the fair play spirit! If Chief Referee determines that a player has made an unfair action (for example, has resigned or suggested a draw in an absolutely winning position, or has failed to block the opponent's four) to let his opponent get better tournament result, the Referee can exclude that participant from the tournament and declare all his games lost. In the High League such exclusion also can be made, but by Referee Council instead of Chief Referee.

The starting date is December 17th, 2017.
The deadline for applications is December 14th, 2017.

All renju and gomoku fans are invited to take part in the tournament!

An application should consist of:
1. Your full name
2. Your userid at renju.su server
3. Country and city where you live; your citizenship
4. Contact e-mail
5. Contact person: full name, mobile and e-mail of a famous renju/gomoku player who is ready to confirm your participation and prove your identity.
This person may be your club leader or player, just a good friend of yours (maybe from another country). If you experience problems with finding such a person, feel free to contact Referee to solve this problem together.

Please send your applications to the following e-mail address:

Every application will be answered. So if your application has not been answered in a week after you sent it, please try to re-send your application or connect me in another way - for example, via VKontakte, Facebook, or a third person.

Friendly yours, Epifanov Dmitry.

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