Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2017-05-04

11th Renju Youth European Championship is over!

Last week many children arrived from Russia and Estonia to play Youth European Championship of renju and rapid gomoku together with lot of Greek children.
Competition was played inAlmyrida village in Crete, wonderful place!
Tournaments were mainly very exiting till the end, only Villem and Daria could play in a bit more relaxed way in the end.
So champions are:
Gr. A – Villem Mesila (EST)
Gr. B – Denis Fedotov (RUS)
Gr. C – Arseni Pestov (GRE)
Gr D – Egor Stoianov (RUS)
Gr. E – Viktoriia Novichkova (RUS)
Gr. F – Kristina Stulova (RUS)
Gr. G – Taisiia Sadova (RUS)
Gr. H – Daria Yusupmurzina (RUS)

Rapid gomoku European Champions are Villem Mesila among boys and Tatiana Prokopets (RUS) among girls

In co-operation with local chess federation we played biathlon (blitz gomoku and chess), winner was Tauri Purk.

All tables are here -
Games are mostly input, but we continue working on it.

Now some words about renju in Greece. Yulia Ogneva together with her husband Spiros Kostopoulis and son Arseni Pestov have done amazing popularisation work in Crete with only about one year. Many local children joined YEC and biggest success for them was Amalia Lufardaki’s bronze in gr. H! But many other players like Kristina Mihhailidi, Maria Bozgia, Simona Zefi, Konstantinos Panagasidis showed quick progress in their skills too.

We would like to thank the local municipality Dimarhio Apokoronus for support and help in organizing the tournaments and to have opportunity to have sightseeing Akoporonus and Chania area, also we would like to thank Supermarkets SYNKA and Anek Lines!

We were discussing to organise future big competitions (adults EC 2018?) in Crete as well, we will be back with this issue rather soon.

Friendly, Ants

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