Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2017-04-14


Good news - big gomoku party is coming soon!
Here is some important info from organisers:

After 8 years the World championship in gomoku returns to the Czech Republic - the place where it all began in 2009. The competition has built up a marvellous tradition since then, visiting Pardubice, Huskvarna, Tallinn and Suzdal. Now it's time for Prague!
GWC 2017 will take place between 19th and 30th July. On the following pages you can find all the necessary information (and if not, don't hesitate to ask us): http://www.piskvorky.cz/en/gwc-2017/

Schedule of GWC 2017:
19 Jul (Wed) Arrival of QT players
20 Jul (Thu) 1st-3nd rounds of QT
21 Jul (Fri) 4rd-6th rounds of QT
22 Jul (Sat) 7th-8th rounds of QT; opening ceremony, lotting of AT
23 Jul (Sun) 1st-2nd rounds of AT, BT
24 Jul (Mon) 3rd-4th rounds of AT, BT
25 Jul (Tue) 5th-6th rounds of AT, BT
26 Jul (Wed) Free day – sightseeing, sport, gomoku assembly
27 Jul (Thu) 7th-8th rounds of AT, 7th round of BT, gomoku blitz
28 Jul (Fri) 9th-10th rounds of AT, 8th round of BT, renju blitz
29 Jul (Sat) 11th rounds of AT; 9th round of BT, closing ceremony

Time difference between gomoku and renju world championships is not long, but I know at least one player, who wish to play in both - Georg-Romet Topkin.

Happy Easter!
Friendly, Ants

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