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25th Russian Championship High League (HL) was played Feb.18.-26. Its longest "real" renju tournament , where 16 players are playing Round Robin, really tough competition.
Full tabel of competition you can find here -, also games are avaiable to see in
I just mention, that Pavel Makarov won HL third time, as before have done Sushkov and Kozhin. Totally during 25 years there have been 15 different winners and 24 medalists. Biggest number of medals has Konstantin Nikonov - 9, who have played stable brilliant already several years in a row.
Interesting is also, that in top six only Karasyov and Epifanov are under 50 years old, so it showed that experienced players are going better and better.
There will be soon more comments and stories about HL in Russian Renju official page -

Pavel Makarov has right now to play in WC AT in Taipei. In May, in "Ten Tournament" will be selected Russian 2 players (except some,who have personal places, like Fedorkin and Salnikov and maybe some more), who can go WC QT.

Russian Women Chanmpionship was played at the same time as well.
Among 12 participants Anastasia Oborina and Kira Lashko gathered 10,5 points out of 11. In extra match Kira won 2:0 and became the champion.

Feb. 4.-19. Estonian QT was played. Results are here -
As Johann and Denis will not go to Taipei, our delegation in QT is probably Tunnet, Martin, Villem, Aivo, Brenet and if Aivo get to QT with high ranking, then also Georg-Romet.

And one more thing - Mr. Roman Umantsiv asked me to tell, that everybody is welcome to participate in 11th Karpat Cup tournament in Ukraine, Manjawa, April 21.-22. I will publish soon more information in tournaments page

P.S. Dont forget to registrate to offline WC (check Renju News no 384!)

Friendly, Ants

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