Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2017-01-29

Poduga Club 25!

I had very nice opportunity to present in Poduga Club 25 years anniversary event, January 2.-5.
They had traditional tournament (The Championship of Arkhangelsk region, games are avaiable to see here: http://5stones.pcriot.com/rif/games.php?gameid=67447 )
Also they had traditional new year dramatic play (fairytale), what was really nicely made (you can check it from vkontakte.ru, if you have account in there)

As I told, New Year tournament, celebrations and fairytale dramatic play are traditional every year, but this year everything was more festive with more orations and lot of guests because of 25 years jubilee.
Poduga renju community (what consists also players from other places of local aria in Arkhangelsk region) is very nice example of big and very friendly family. Irina Metreveli is like second mother of hundreds of previous and current renju students. They have very friendly atmosphere in their club, but also working hard with renju and older players help younger to study.
Nowadays there are working some more coaches except Irina – Mikhail Mikriukov, Oksana Sorokina, Elena Lebedeva.

They also published list of 25 players, gathered most of points (points are given for titles of renju, but not only, it is possible to earn points for promoting renju, for example like Kira Lashko and Aleksandra Sumarokova did in Moscow - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=955624304452830&set=ms.c.eJwtycENADEIA7CNThBIIPsvVlW9p2WTQkXOrGB8vu6KbmIrfq~%3BvZ~%3BQzhcx0ic~_amFkadQCHMBAx.bps.t.100004990091828&type=3&theater)

List is following:

Метревели Ирина (Irina Metreveli) - 6670 International Master of Sport (officially recognized by Russian goverment)
and her students
1. Саврасова Юлия (Julia Savrasova) - 5430 International Master
2. Лашко Кира (Kira Lashko) - 3960
3. Оборина Анастасия (Anastasia Oborina)- 3750
4. Курдина Ольга (Olga Kurdina) - 3380 International Master
5. Краева Татьяна (Tatiana Kraeva) - 3160
6. Лебедева Елена (Elena Lebedeva)- 3090
7. Сорокина Оксана (Oksana Sorokina) - 2990 International Master
8. Сумарокова Александра (Aleksandra Sumarokova) - 2930
9. Крючок Роман (Roman Kruchok) - 2410 International Master
10. Сердюков Егор (Egor Serdiukov) -2290 International Master
11. Пестерева Мария (Maria Pestereva) - 2180
12. Сумароков Евгений (Evgeny Sumarokov) - 1850
13. Федотов Денис (Denis Fedotov) - 1560
14. Кадулин Александр (Aleksandr Kadulin)- 1540
15. Вершинин Павел (Pavel Vershinin) - 1470
16. Меркулов Артем (Artem Merkulov) - 1460
17. Окатова Анна (Anna Okatova) - 1410
18. Казарин Михаил (Mikhail Kazarin) - 1390 International Master
19. Рачицкая Виктория (Viktoria Rachitskaia) - 1350
20. Вохтомина Владислава (Vladislava Vokhtomina) - 1230
21. Лысаков Михаил (Mikhail Lysakov) - 1190
22. Востряков Сергей (Sergey Vostriakov) - 1140 International Master
23. Некрасов Денис (Denis Nekrasov) - 1140
24. Востряков Алексей - (Aleksey Vostriakov)1050
25. Литвинова Юлия (Julia Litvinova)- 890

Many Poduga Club players have grown up, graduated in different Russian universities, working in different places in Russia and unfortunately dont have much time for renju any more, but still have good contact with Poduga Club and Irina Metreveli.

We wish to Irina and whole club to continue many active years !

Friendly, Ants

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