Published by Stefan Karlsson on 2016-05-07

China – Lin Limei
Chinese Taipei – Chen Ko-Han
Czech Republic - Štěpán Tesařík
Estonia – Aivo Oll
Japan – Yoshihiro Iio
Poland – Piotr Malowiejski
Russia – Dmitry Epifanov
Sweden – Stefan Karlsson

1. To chairman of the meeting was elected Dmitry Epifanov

2. To secretary of the meeting was elected Stefan Karlsson

3. New RIF Member
a. Greece was announced as new member of RIF

4. Financial Report from Treasurer
a. No new formal report since the Financial Report delivered in August 2015
b. Financial situation is stable and following Budget plans

5. Commissions
a. Correspondence Commission
i. Chairman – Aivo Oll
ii. Members – Andrey Serdyuk and Dimitry Epifanov
iii. Active to run Correspondence WC
b. Sports Commission
i. Chairman – Aivo Oll
ii. Mission to govern tournament rules, and coordinate tournament schedule
iii. Commission has been inactive for some time. Meeting discussed to make commission more efficient by having fewer members. Way forward to be discussed between chairman of commission and Central Committee.
c. Youth Commission
i. Chairman – Ants Soosõrv
ii. Active discussing Youth Championships
d. Gomoku Commission
i. Chairman – Attila Demjan
ii. Mission to discuss and plan specifically Gomoku tournaments
iii. To be checked with Attila if he wants to continue in current position

6. Tournament schedule
a. Youth WC 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia
i. Ants to publish detailed information shortly
b. European Championship 2016 / Asia Cup 2016
i. Unclear if can be held in Uzbekistan – to be checked with A. Khramov
ii. Alternative to hold European Championship 2016 in Tallinn instead of traditional Tallinn Open in December 2016
c. WC 2017 Candidates – Decision to be taken by Central Committee within short
i. Chinese Macao
ii. Chinese Taipei
iii. Czech Republic – Applying for Gomoku WC
1. Aiming for July to not interfere with Renju WC dates in August
d. Youth EC 2017 Candidate
i. Greece

7. Closing of meeting

Tallinn the 4th of May 2016,

Stefan Karlsson Dmitry Epifanov Aivo Oll
Secretary of Meeting Chairman of Meeting Scrutineer of Meeting

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