Published by Pavel Salnikov on 2016-01-13

Dear friends,

We are going to organize Open Internamtional Tournament just before the Team World Championship. It will be held in St.Petersburg, Russia from 23rd to 26th of April, 2016.

The aim of this competition is to let future participants get some training before the TWC. It's like a jumping-off place to Tallinn.:)

It is very easy and cheap to get from St.Petersburg to Tallinn. It takes about 7 hours to go there by bus and costs about 20 euro. We also could rent a bus ourselves if the number of participants is big enough.

The tournament rule will be Yamaguchi, of course. There will be Swiss System in 7 rounds.

Preliminary time-table:

22.04 - Arrival day
23.04 - Rounds 1-2
24.04 - Rounds 3-4
25.04 - Rounds 5-6
26.04 - Round 7 and preparing for a bus to Tallinn:)

We invite all who are interested in this new renju event!

Welcome to St.Petersburg, Russian window to Europe!:)

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