Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2015-12-13

Dear friends!

We are preparing tournaments for you in Tallinn, please read carefully information here:
If some countries dont have enough players for whole renju or gomoku team, international team(s) can be made. Right now I have heard Andrei Hramov from Uzbekistan and Nizami Heybatov are looking for team mates for international renju team. So maybe some players from Finland, Ukraine or other countries (who dont have team from their own country)can join?
About gomoku teams - we dont have exact tournament rules how many teams can participate from one country. So organisers will be happy to see many gomoku players over the world. Still, for better organisation will be good to know approximate number of teams as early as possible, so please tell me your estimations. So far I have heard about 2 Russian, 2 Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish teams?

Also its still possible to join Tallinn Open, but if you need accommodation, you should hurry very much. AT partcipants current list is possible to check here -

Also you are welcome to another our traditional event Kawamura Cup -, sponsored by Kawamura-san

Friendly, Ants

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