Published by Kawamura Norihiko on 2009-12-18

RENJU TWC 2010 TOKYO (30.4.-5.5.2010)

Hello,Renju fans!

Japan will be the host of next year's TWC (Renju Team World Championships) event for the first time.
Preparations for the event are well in progress and now I am pleased to send this newsletter with preliminary and basic information. More information will follow as we get closer to the event.

Here is the current schedule for the event:

29.4.2010 Arriving and Opening ceremony at the evening
30.4-05.5.2010 TWC main tournament
05.05.2010 Closing ceremony at the evening
02.05.2010 RIF meeting

Registration of teams:

We ask to registrate countries their teams before February 1. to know how many teams will take part. List of members of teams can be sent later.

Countries who need visa to enter to Japan please send following datas us before March 1.:
1. Full name (s) and previous names
2. Place and date of birth
3. Passport number (no other passport information is needed)
4. Full home address

Accomodation and other costs:

The event will be held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The tournament place is located near Shinjuku, where is the most urban area in Japan. TWC will be held at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC).
NYC was used a part of the Tokyo Olympic Village at 1964. After Tokyo Olympic it was rebuild as a youth center.
NYC has a lot of meeting room, ceremony hall and accommodation. TWC was luckily admitted as a youth activity and we could rent some meeting rooms and accommodations with cheap charge.
The organizing committee has reserved many rooms for the team there.
I am sorry you can not select other ways, however, NYC is very cheap and convenient to stay in Tokyo.
If you want, you can do without inside NYC during TWC.

We will estimate the stay cost would be about 20000yen for all period (7-8 nights) for one person.
Food (breakfast, lunch and supper) will be about 1500yen per day.
You can calculate 90yen=1$ now.


The tournament regulation depends on "Tournament Rules in International Championships : 4-5 Team World Championships (TWC)" by RIF Sports Commission

We wish to invite all renju countries to participate this event and we hope we can offer you an exciting renju experience in Tokyo!
Please let us know if you are interested in this event and please also let us know your team member in detail as soon as possible.

We hope to meet you in Tokyo!


Norihiko Kawamura
TWC 2010 organizing committee

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