Published by Ando Meritee on 2008-04-28

A great news that all renju fans have been waiting for - from now on it is possible to download the whole database of RenjuNet games from our website. It is a free service!

The download page is located at:
You can also access it from the Games pages of RenjuNet and from several other locations. Below you can find more detailed information, from the Download page:

"RenjuNet is now providing the download service of all the game records in the library. All the game records and their related information, such as players and tournaments information are stored in XML format, in a file renjunet_v10_yyyymmdd.rif. The database is updated automatically once every day. The purpose of allowing these downloads is to let users study renju games even when they are not connected to Internet. The downloaded database is FREE for everybody, but there are some limitations of use, which you can see from "Copyright Agreement" below.

After downloading the database, you can view it with any of the specially designed reader programs. RenjuNet will list the verified reader programs together with their functionality. We welcome the developers of renju software to introduce their newly developed reader programs to us and we can publish them here, together with their functionality explanation, the name of the creator and the original location of that program.

Copyright Agreement
I agree to use this database for non-commercial purposes in the forms of OFFLINE databases only.
It is forbidden to use any contents of this database or its modifications in any website or ONLINE system."

The good news is, our good partner, Renlib (the developer Frank Arkbo), has just released a new beta version of Renlib (, that can be used to view the RenjuNet database. The link to the latest version of Renlib is also available in the games download page.

A description of latest Renlib capability:
"The latest Renlib beta version is compatible with RenjuNet Database version 1.0. It allows a convenient navigation through the whole database by clicking the marked spots on the board. For the convenience of user, it even allows you to convert all rotated positions into Standard (2nd move at h9 or i9). If you are looking for a specific game, player or tournament, you can use Find Comment function. Renlib displays all the information that is available in the database file. The list of rules is shown in the root position (the 1st move). You can load the file in many ways. Two most common ways are: File/Open and drag&drop the file onto an open Renlib window". Big thanks to Frank Arkbo for designing this version of Renlib in such a short time!

We welcome renju fans all over the world download the RenjuNet Database! You can re-download it anytime you like, and you can be sure that you always get the most fresh version of the database. At the same time, we kindly ask you to pay attention to copyright and not re-publish the database in other websites or online systems in any form (nor original form neither converted/merged form).

On behalf of RenjuNet, I am very thankful to all the people who have contributed to this project, especially the people who have spent much time in publishing the tournament games in RenjuNet. Your work will now be appreciated even by offline users (your name will appear next to every published game of yours). With our joint efforts, this database will keep growing, providing renju fans all over the world with the latest tournament games as well as old games.

The information for software developers is available here:
We look forward to cooperating with you!

Enjoy the RenjuNet games, using the latest Renlib!


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