Published by Yuriy Tarannikov on 2007-12-24

The 25th Moscow Renju Championship has finished.

The tournament used simultaneously standard RIF, Taraguchi and Sakata rules combined by the Rejecting System (Player Number One rejects one of 3 rules, Player Number Two rejects another rule, and the game will go according to the remained third rule).

The results of the final group: 1. Tarannikov 5.5; 2. Nikonov 5; 3. Nekrasov 4.5; 4. Mikhailov 4; 5. Golosov 3.5; 6. Sirategyan 2.5; 7. Makarov 1.5; 8. Nikonova 1.5. Complete results, all games and many photos you can find at the tournament page:

Some statistics according to the opening rules.

All games 66
Sakata rules 36 (54%)
Taraguchi rules 25 (38%)
RIF rules 5 (8%)

Games in the final 16
Taraguchi rules 11 (69%)
Sakata rules 5 (31%)
RIF rules 0 (0%)

All games between finalists 28
Taraguchi rules 17 (61%)
Sakata rules 10 (36%)
RIF rules 1 (3%)

Games between a finalist and a non-finalist 29
Sakata rules 20 (69%)
Taraguchi rules 8 (28%)
RIF rules 1 (3%)

Games between non-finalists 9
Sakata rules 6 (67%)
RIF rules 3 (33%)
Taraguchi rules 0 (0%)

In 6 (24%) games (Arzumanov - Golosov, Mikhailov - Nikonova, Nikonov - Makarov, Mikhailov - Makarov, Golosov - Nikonova, Makarov - Nikonova) by Taraguchi rules five fifth alternative moves were made. The score is 2 wins of black, 2 wins of white and 2 draws.

So, we see that different groups of players preferred different rules. In games between more experienced and less experienced players usually more experienced rejected RIF rule, less experienced players rejected Taraguchi rule and games were played by Sakata rules. At the same time in games between experienced players Taraguchi rules were most popular. So, we can not make a choice between Sakata and Taraguchi rules. The most correct way is to keep them in the framework of the Rejecting System. The RIF rules were played quite frequently in games between less experienced players. So, we must keep RIF rules too.

It is important to note that in first days of the tournament some players always rejected Taraguchi rules since they did not understand it quite good. But during the tournament looking at games on other boards they understood these rules better and had started to use it themselves. So, the Rejecting System helps to players to understand better and to like previously unloved rules.

Games of the tournament were very interesting with the big number of sharp openings and non-standard situations. Participants had a great enjoy. Of course, in non-standard situations the percent of mistakes was greater than usually but this is a part of a game.

The next Renju tournament in Moscow in the beginning of 2008 (Moscow Cup) it is decided to play by the same system.

Yuriy Tarannikov, Member of RIF rules commission.

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