Published by Kawamura Norihiko on 2007-11-28

The 45th Meijin Match was over.
Mr.Hasegawa got 2.5 ponits and defended the Meijin title.
Mr.Yamaguchi lost 1st and 3rd game.
Mr.Hasegawa became a meijin for the 4th time(for 3 consecutive years) .

The final result was following:
1st game
Hasegawa 1-0 Yamaguchi at D11,47th move
2nd game
Hasegawa 1/2-1/2 Yamaguchi at D9,122th move
3rd game
Hasegawa 1-0 Yamaguchi at I6,27th move

Hasegawa was great how to win for black.
Yamaguchi was also good at protection, however, Hasegawa was superior.

Norihiko Kawamura

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